Curriculum ideas

Below are some ideas for linking ICT into your curriculum delivery. If you have any great ideas or lesson plans/resources please send them to me for inclusion on this page.

Apple Bus Trip
At schools I visited on the Apple bus tour of the North Island I saw student using Comic Life to inspire reluctant writers, to reflect on PE lessons using photos of PE experiences, to reflect on class trips and to retell a story with pictures they had made in Kid pix and then exported to i-photo as jpeg files.
I saw students as young as year three/four using Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash seamlessly integrating these tools with other presentation tools such as Keynote. This just goes to show we shouldn't limit our younger children - they are the digital natives remember!
One of the most important things was the way the students could articulate their experiences using ICT tools within the context of their learning areas - ICT was not just skill based but clearly integrated with their learning and they could relate this to their success criteria.
Some schools had set up small areas with dedicated equipment for podcasting or radio stations and students were running these quite efficiently - one thing that stood out was the attention to planning for this.
One school was really into digital portfolios and used Glogster to design their cover pages - the students could clearly articulate their learning journeys and each had a page on their Knowledge Net site. They also linked their portfolios to the key competencies and could clearly articulate which competency they were demonstrating in their portfolios.
I liked the values based 6 Cs at one school, these were linked to the key competencies - they used these as a focus for each learning unit.
Another school is famous for podcasting but I saw some great work using Hyperstudio - the new version is being trialled by three NZ schools and hopefully will be available as a preview version soon. It combines all the old features of Hyperstudio for web authoring with great image and animation creation features too, the students love it. I had a chance to try it with some students at another school we visited.
The schools we visited were Sherwood Primary (North Shore, Auckland) Pt England (Glen Innes, Auckland) Summerland Primary (Henderson, Auckland) Bucklands Beach Intermediate (Howick, Auckland) Tahatai Coast (Tauranga) Selwyn Ridge (Mt Maunganui)
Check out my blog for links to interesting new applications!

The Interface magazine have some great lesson plans on this site. Download the PDF files.

Student Voice - students as active partners in the learning process.

Responding to Student Voice
Ki te Aoturoa - Improving Inservice Teacher Educator Learning and Practice
Student Voice: A historical perspective and new directions.
Dept of Education, Victoria, Australia
.pdf Link
Student Voice Projects.
iNet - International Networking for Educational Transformation
Have some fun with any curriculum area using Wordle and Tag galaxy. Go to my blog to see some examples!

Using Kid Pix, Powerpoint or Keynote. Use this format for other learning areas such as topic studies. Students will soon learn to make interesting presentations and showcase their learning for others. Save their presentations as quick time movies and put them on a shared resource such as the class wiki.
Google is the next big buzz! collaborate within documents, link all your blogs and interesting web sites, podcasts, movies to your Google Reader, have all your pics stored, organised and ready to share and heaps more! This is the most fantastic tool for the classroom. Google rocks! Check it out and get your accounts set up. It is all free and there waiting!
Online TutorialsThe Google Tutor is packed with tips on how to use most Google tools
Digital Storytelling OnlineThe brilliant K12 Online Conference presentation by Cog Dog has been expanded to include more online tools with which you can tell a story. He shows the same story being told with 72 different tools. A brilliant resource.
This is the Key Competencies presentation from the teacher only day at Marist this year.
Negotiated Learning Contract Use this for goal setting and partnership in the learning process.
Many of these sites are suitable for other interactive boards.
In this unit plan Melissa has included the use of I Can Animate and I-Movie in her PE lesson unit for juggling. You could use this format for other PE areas too.
This is my hand out from the workshop at ULearn 07
This and the following resource charts were kindly provided by Fiona Grant.

These are some good sites for literacy ideas (from my site)

I adapted this idea from an English Website - reluctant writers love to pick out coordinates as a basis for their writing.

Celebrate Success Poster (Printable posters from my books)
Goal setting poster
Think it Through Chart
Web 2.0 technologies for literacy, check this out!

Ideas for maths from a presentation to my Unitec students