Needs Analysis and Strategy Plans

ICTPD Needs Analysis
ICTPD Strategy Plan

We need to look at each room and speak with the teachers to get a complete picture of the school's status quo with ICT use and management to assess the needs on an individual basis and within the school as a whole. We are looking at the three strands - infrastructure which includes networking, hardware, software and systems and strategies for management, curriculum which looks at how ICT is used to support the curriculum delivery and how ICT fits within the curriculum planning documents and professional development which looks at how teachers are being upskilled in their use of ICT to support and enhance the curriculum.
Looking at these three strands we will first complete the needs analysis over the whole school. The recommedations from the needs analysis will be analysed and these recommendations will form the goals for the strategy action plan.
The ICT strategy action plan covers the school for the next three years and is a working document which is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. A needs analysis is to be implemented each year.