Have a look at my classroom wiki I used this last year for my class and it worked well. The children loved working on their blogs and they are linked to our wiki.
I have made a wiki about how to make and use wikis in the classroom, check it our here!
Angies email: **anjistar1@gmail.com** **Blog** (for updates on new ideas for ICT in the classroom)
Thinking skills
Have a look at writing by Tony Ryan on 21st century teaching and learning here. I am sure you will find some interesting ideas. I have put some new resources using Thinkers Keys on the Resources page.
I have also updated my NetVibes page - you could do this too with your favourite web sites or have a class Net Vibes page! Another example of this is Tizmos This is an example of an aggregator. The other aggregator I have is my Google Reader - you can subscribe to your favourite sites and blogs and they will be automatically updated as new material is added. Set up a Google account and you have access to gmail, an online calendar, blog, photo storage and slideshow creation and more - all with one log in.
Have a look at this mapoutlining the future forces affecting education.

The Interactive Mihimihi workshop has been added to the Curriculum Ideas page! Check out this great resource site for Maori language here - this site has some great activities for your students to learn the language and culture. I have linked the page which discusses the Mihimihi.
Have you checked out the QLC Readings page? - I have added some really interesting blogs for discussions!
Try Edublogs which are specifically designed for educators.
You may like to download Hot Potatoes which is a tool allowing you to create online quizzes, cloze activities and more. Have a look at it Hot Potatoes
Also those of you who have web pages or Knowledge Net class pages may like to try creating a fantasic poster page to embed at Glogster
If you want some cool text or a fancy slide show try Glittertext
Google have some great tools for teachers, I have a Google account and use it for Picasa photo storage and sharing, Google docs for collaborative office documents and the calendar which is great as I can access it anywhere online, the gmail is also great! With Google docs you can mark the students work at home online. Look here at the range of options you have if you open a Google account! You may like to learn more at Google Tutor.
You need to also keep looking at our ICTPD national web site!
If you are looking for good web sites I have made a site for you go to Cluster Web Sites and find what you need, they are bundled into categories and I will keep adding more. Please join the conversation on our online interactive whiteboard (user name anjistar, password ictpd) - you might like to set one up between classes in your school! You can set up a separate password for each session.
You may like to subscribe to a new resource site!.
I have made a set of assessment sheets for teachers to use to assess stages of development with ICT skills. I would like to point out that ICT tools should not be reduced to a set of discrete skills, it is part of the learning process and students should be using the tools for learning the curriculum so do not separate the skills from the learning - the students need to be engaged in a purposeful learning activity which enhances the learning process - assess the skills as they do this. I have also put together an award certificate although I am sure you have many of your own.
Movies made by teachers
Movie about Samoan numbers made at Richmond Road School
Movie about Maori Numbers made at Newton Central School

New resources have been added to the resource list. We have been looking at alternatives to Google.
Key competencies workshop